Signs Your Chronic Gout Is Getting Worse

Signs Your Chronic Gout Is Getting Worse

Gout is the painful form of arthritis which is caused due to the deposition of uric acids, especially in joints and kidneys. It is more likely to get as you get older. The presence of uric acid in the blood not always causes gout. Urates are formed when the breakdown of certain chemicals occurs in your body.

What are the signs of your chronic gout getting worse?

When the uric acid level in your blood becomes too high, it deposits more and more crystals around your joints, which leads to permanent pain and joint damages. What are the signs of chronic gout getting worse? Read on this article till the end to know about it.

Signs Your Chronic Gout Is Getting Worse

Signs To Note:

The signs and symptoms of gout may be different for everyone. Let’s look at some of the signs that are commonly seen when chronic gout gets worse.

  • Kidney stones or kidney failure

The blood is filtered by your kidneys. If you are a gouty patient, then the uric acid in the blood will form urate crystals in your kidneys. This damages your kidneys and may lead to kidney stones or even kidney failure. 

  • Painful inflammations in and around the joints

Gout is a disorder in which the deposits of uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints due to the high level of urates in the blood. This accumulation of urate crystals around the joints can cause tissue pain and joint inflammation. 

  • Painful flare-ups in the big toe

Pain in the big toe is the most basic symptom of gout. If left untreated, it also causes swelling and pain in the ankles, knees, feet, wrists or elbows. Gout affecting other body parts is a symptom of getting it worse.

  • Forms lumps under the skin

When uric acid crystals accumulate in the skin after a long period of time, they form small lumps known as tophi that often appear on the hands, fingers, elbows, and ears. If it is left untreated, it may appear almost anywhere in the body.

According to many End Of Gout Review Gout can often treated by making lifestyle changes such as losing weight, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. Consuming certain nutrients found in everyday foods may also help to get rid of this inflammatory arthritis. If you think your condition is getting worse, consult a physician as soon as possible. The medications will help to keep your uric acid level normal and prevents future complications. 

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