Home Remedies For Gout: What Works And What Doesn’t?

Home Remedies For Gout What Works And What Doesn't

A gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that causes severe pain in toes, ankles, and knees. It occurs when the body builds up too much uric acid and forms crystals in the joints.  There is nothing you can do to stop the attack, once it starts. But you can ease the symptoms by using some home remedies.

Home Remedies For Gout: What Works And What Doesn’t?

There are some natural food items that don’t work too. Are you aware of them? Read on this article till the end to know about the home remedies of gout and what works and what doesn’t and you can also refer my End Of Gout review to get a detailed study report on it. 

Home Remedies For Gout What Works And What Doesn't

What Works?

There are some home remedies for gout that you can do along with medications. They are

  • Resting the joint that is affected by the attack: The joints that are affected by the attacks need more rest. Otherwise, it may lead to permanent discomfort or joint damage.
  • Icepacks for swelling: Your body parts may swell or becomes red when a gout attack starts. This can be reduced by using icepacks on the affected parts.
  • Drinking cherry juice: Cherry juice is high in vitamin C which helps to reduce the uric acid content in the blood. But it may increase the chances of kidney stone formations.
  • Drink enough water: Drinking plenty of water helps to reduce the inflammations and swelling in the body parts. Increased water consumption raises the efficiency of the kidneys too.
  • Reduce weight: Being obese increases the uric acid levels in the blood and it also increases the pressure experienced on the joints.
  • Elevating the affected joints: Elevating the affected joints helps to reduce the inflammations. This increases the blood flow through that part.

What Doesn’t?

High purine foods are the main reason behind gout. Let’s see some natural food that causes gout.

  • Red meat
  • Organ meat like brain, liver, etc that contains high saturated fat
  • Seafood like sardines and tuna
  • Drinks that contain high fructose
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohols

The good thing about treating the gout attack with natural home remedies is that you can take medications for a very short time only. We hope that you all liked this article and found it useful to understand the home remedies for gout. Try on these remedies if you are a gout patient or suggest for your beloved ones. Please let us know your feedbacks and queries through the comment section given below and we will try our best to reach out to you.

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