Is It Good To Walk With Gout? Myths Vs Facts Busted!

Is It Good To Walk With Gout Myth busted

Gout is a type of arthritis and is considered as a chronic disease. The main reason that leads to gout is the increased amount of uric acid in your blood. Dehydration is also a leading cause of gout pain. Initially, excess uric acid causes gout and it leads to a condition known as hyperuricemia. Uric acid is formed in our body by the breakdown of chemical compounds which are found in seafood, meat, poultry, etc. 

Is It Good To Walk With Gout?

If your body produces too much uric acid and your kidneys don’t filter enough out, it can build up tiny, sharp crystals around joints. These crystals then cause inflammation and pain in joints. Most commonly, kidney diseases are also caused by gout.

However, vice-versa can also occur. Many people with kidney disease suffer from uncontrolled gout which leads to other complications. Unfortunately, gout spreads all over the body and it is known as “rich man’s disease” because it is linked to a diet full of seafood, meats, and alcohol. Many myths related to gout exists. Is it good to walk with gout? Let’s read this article till the end to know the myths and facts related to gout.

Is It Good To Walk With Gout Myth busted

Myths Related to Gout

  • Overtime gout will go away without treatment

There is a myth related to gout that over time will go away even without any treatment. But it’s very important to diagnose and treat gout as soon as possible. Gout attacks become worse or it repeats periodically if you left it without treatment.

  • Only wealthy people get gout

Gout is also known as “rich man’s disease”. So people thought that gout will happen to wealthy people only. The name “ rich man’s disease” is given because it is caused due to a diet full of seafood, meats, and alcohol and it doesn’t mean that only wealthy people get gout.

  • Gout only attacks the big toe

Gout is more vulnerable to the toe. Pain in the toe is one of the most notable symptoms of gout and the sign which patients suffer the most. It also affects other joints like ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, etc. But 9 out of 10 people who are affected by gout have it on their big toe. 

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  • Gout is a mild form of arthritis

People believe that gout is a mild form of arthritis. But it is the most common and painful form of arthritis. It also leads to other serious complications if left without treatment.

We hope that now it’s clear for you that it’s not good for you to walk with gout. Many myths related to gout are existing. Try to understand the facts behind them. We also hope that you all liked this article and found it useful for you. Please let us know your comments and queries through the comment section given below and we will try our best to reach out to you.

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